Postpartum Support

Have a new little sweet pea at home and feeling…tired? All the joy, happiness, and love in the world is amazing after welcoming your newest one, but it can be taxing on your body, mind, and home. Why go it alone? You don’t have to rely on just yourselves or your family or your friends. While their help is great, they also just want to cuddle baby (and who could blame them)? Your baby or babies are the best! We know you think so, and we do too. We also think you, the parent, are pretty awesome and you deserve someone there who doesn’t give a hoot about how you want to do things! We just want to make sure you are eating scrumptious food, resting as much as you need, getting the information you want about raising this tiny human, and spending time taking care of yourself and bonding as a family.

Postpartum support includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Light meal prep
  • Meal planning
  • Fetching your favorite flavored water
  • Accompanying you while you get some sunshine and take a walk with your little one
  • Listening to your story and your goals without judgement
  • Helping you keep your sanity…and your house
  • Organizing the nursery or the bedside baby nest
  • Exploring all your parenting options
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding assistance
  • Basic newborn education
  • Sibling wrangling
  • Ordering that awesome 4Moms bathtub
  • Encouragement
  • Recognizing symptoms of postpartum mood disorders and referrals

And so much more!

Grow Yoga offers postpartum support in Kingsland and Saint Mary’s in three packages, with the opportunity for extensions.

*Payment plans are accepted and adapted to fit your needs. Please note, hourly care is available at the rate of $30/hour with a minimum shift of 5 hours during day shifts and a minimum of 10 hours during night shifts. 


  • 1 overnight (10 hours) for the first six weeks, ensuring that you get at least one night a week of sleep
  • 1450 USD

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Grow (Most popular!)

  • 1 overnight (10 hours) for the first six weeks and one daytime (5 hours).  Sleep, rest, recover, and get all the help and support you need to find your new normal.
  • 2050 USD

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  • 2 overnights (10 hours each) a week for the first six weeks.  Establish healthy sleep and ensure you’re well-rested.
  • 2600 USD


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