Grow Yoga is committed to helping people grow to their fullest potential.  Grow makes yoga a fun, safe, and accessible part of your daily routine by bringing yoga to you and your family. We want nothing more than to encourage relaxation, bonding, and adventure. Grow currently offers gentle yoga, kid’s yoga, and prenatal yoga, as well as birthday parties, private yoga instruction, childbirth education, postpartum support for new parents, and a blog chock full of virtual treats!

Our mission is to encourage connection between the mind and body through mindfulness-based movement and relationships.  Safety, respect, and inclusiveness is at the center of our mission.  Our specialty is the growing family and those seeking wellness, awareness, and fun!



The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

-Lao Tzu

My experience with heather was short , but nothing short of wonderful. She had joined forces with a Doula I had hired about a month or 2 before I gave birth and they became first coast Doulas. When I first met her , she was incredibly sweet and helpful. I was pregnant with my first so I had no clue what to expect. She offered alot of advice and even demonstrated yoga posses that I could do to help ease back pain and help my baby engage in the birth canal. I really messed my back up when I was younger, and the weight of pregnancy did not feel too good, so I found these posses extremely helpful in relieving the pain. The next time I saw her I was in the end stage of labor and I was about to deliver. She really helped soothe some of pain by pushing on my hips , and just comforting me. If anyone’s ever been through labor, you know just how helpful that can be. The last time I met her was at my postpartum visit. I was set on baby wearing , so she brought a few different types of wraps and demonstrated how to put them on. She also recommended certain wraps for the hot Florida weather , as one of my main concerns was keeping my baby cool while baby wearing. Being a mom herself she also offered some great advice and reassured me that things get better. She’s incredibly sweet , easy to talk to , and knowledgeable. She really is great ! (:


Heather was wonderful! She provided the advice and support that I needed as a first time mom.

Heather showed up ready to assist with whatever I needed help with. We ended up chatting for about half of her 8 hour shift about her experiences as a mom and she listened as I shared my stories about the birth and recovery of my first child. The rest of the time, my husband and I went out for lunch and then napped. Having Heather over allowed for a much needed break, and I would highly recommend her for other first time moms!